ACHCA Launches Member Engagement Survey

Mobile mobility, on-demand access, and instantaneous communication have forever changed how individuals interact; changing how we define “membership.” The reality is that individuals no longer join an association because it is expected as a professional; they want to know that they are spending money on something that will be of value to them.  ACHCA recognizes this shift in membership perception. 

ACHCA leadership strongly believes that a foundational part of our member’s value proposition is their chapter infrastructure. Chapters should be where our members find community throughout the year, where they can engage at a local level and often where they can hone or strengthen their leadership skills through volunteerism. 

ACHCA, Chair-Elect, Robert W. Lane, MA, CNHA, FACHCA, has been championing the development of a member survey for some time. Here are his three reasons as to why he believes a survey is currently needed:

  1. Gather feedback from our members to better understand their likes, dislikes, and what we need to start/stop/change regarding our products/programs/services.
  2. Collect data that will serve to inform Board and staff priorities.
  3. Create increased value of membership. By connecting with our members, we’re enhancing the relationship between them and the College because we care enough to ASK for their opinions, therefore making them true stakeholders, not just members….

For many of our members, we understand that their local networking/communications through their chapter is their ACHCA member experience. For this reason, and others, we need collaborative conversations to confirm that we all share an understanding of member value and benefits, and to explore the 'why' of membership. 

How can YOU help ACHCA serve your member needs and expectations?

Have your say; we're ready to listen.  Help us develop a member engagement strategy with actionable next steps.  We are requesting that our members set aside at least 10 minutes to respond to the Member Engagement Survey (featured live below).  Let's get started:    Created by SurveyMonkey

The Member Engagement Survey will close on Thursday, March 29, 2018. 

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