What I love/appreciate about ACHCA

  • The relationships you build from around the country. This provides a profound amount of insight and knowledge that is not available within a given state. ACHCA friends will last a lifetime.
  • Peer Mentoring - as a past protege of Bob Lane, his friendship and wisdom have made me a much better health care professional.
  • Education - ACHCA education is top notch, cutting edge and leadership based. It is always NAB approved which is the gold standard for continuing education credentialing. It will provide lasting and meaningful skills to you and your team.
  • Think big and celebrate - ACHCA allows you to become a bigger, better version of yourself by collaborating with some of the industry's brightest leaders. When we achieve great things together, we celebrate together, and we honor members with nationally recognized awards.

— Mike Ricks, FACHCA, Administrator, Medicalodges Frontenac 

Tailor your ACHCA experience to your needs and build a network that supports your goals!  

Select the membership category below that best suits your career arc, determine your eligibility and apply for membership.   ACHCA is here to support you from student to AIT to Assistant Administrator, Administrator, and Retiree!  

Credit card payments are only accepted with online applications. If you prefer to pay by check, download the membership application and mail a hard copy.  Be sure to mail the printed application, with payment, to the Connecticut Avenue, Washington DC, address.

If you are renewing your ACHCA membership — You have options; click here.


If your membership has lapsed over two months, and you are unable to access your profile, send an e-mail to [email protected] for reinstatement. 

NOTE:  Membership dues are non-refundable.

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If you are eligible for the below membership levels, take note that Administrator-in-Training, Student, and Business Affiliate memberships are ineligible for Fellow status. Students do not qualify for the Mentoring Program.

  • Join as an Academic member — If you hold a full-time position in a graduate or undergraduate program in a post-acute and aging services long-term care health-related field at an accredited college or university.  Annual dues range from $175-$125.  Learn more and Apply today —
  • Join as an Administrator Residency/AIT — If you are actively enrolled in or pursuing an AIT internship or program in long-term care administration, you may be eligible for this category.  AITs in their final 60 days of internship may apply to the keystone Mentoring Program as a Protégé. *This membership is for a 12-month period only. Annual dues are $45.  Apply today —
  • Join as a Student — If you are seeking entry to the post-acute and aging services profession at an accredited college or university, you may be eligible for this membership.  You must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or graduate program in health services administration or related administrative field that leads to a bachelor's degree or higher. Annual dues are $25.  *Along with the application, proof of enrollment is required for this membership.  Learn more and Apply today —
  • Join as a Business Affiliate — If you are an entrepreneur or small business seeking to connect with leaders in the post-acute and aging services profession, this category may be ideal for you.  This non-voting introduction is intended to enhance business connections and increase brand awareness and learn more about the College before partnering with ACHCA with year-round marketing incentives. Learn more and Apply today —

If your company/organization is interested in Group membership — Learn more and Apply Today

Send the membership team an e-mail if you have questions about your eligibility or how to apply for membership. 

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Join a community of post-acute and aging services leaders that serve as catalysts for excellence in long-term care. We are a professional membership association dedicated to serving the needs of the Health Care Administrator, the Executive Director, the Director of Nursing, the Academic, Consultant, and those interested in providing professional leadership development and advocating for quality care, services, and advancements in the long-term care profession.