The ACHCA Mentoring Program


The ACHCA Mentoring Program currently has 2 NAB approved webinars.                  

  • Guide to Greatness:  ACHCA Mentoring Program by Scott Lester, PhD, and Doug Olson, PhD, FACHCA:  1.25 CE (Expires September 2024)
  • Guide to Greatness:  ACHCA Mentoring Program 2 by Scott Lester, PhD, and Doug Olson, PhD, FACHCA:  1 CE (Expires 2024) Sponsored by New Era Health Associates and Atlantic, Tomorrow's Office


“ACHCA is a dynamic organization designed to promote the growth of leaders in the post-acute and aging services industry, advocating for excellence in the profession.  Of the many value-added services offered by ACHCA, it’s my belief that the mentor-protégé is one of the best aspects of the College.  It’s not only a signature program, but for many, it also serves as the connection point to becoming a member and meeting other leaders in the industry.  I’ve served as a mentor for several years and love the opportunity to teach and learn from others.  I see the mentor-protege program as a way to give back to the industry and prepare new leaders for success.  While ACHCA serves administrators in many ways, the mentor-protégé program is one that is foundational to our mission and vision.”~Phil Jean, Mentoring Chair

October 2021:  ACHCA publishes mentoring article in the Journal of Health Administration Education

Learn more about the program with our Mentoring Listening Session.  

Promoting Leadership through Relationships

Goals of the Mentoring Initiative

  • Provide a mechanism through which both established and emerging leaders in the field can better prepare themselves for changes in the profession
  • Provide a tool to facilitate succession planning efforts as many established administrators are nearing retirement
  • Provide a valuable benefit to ACHCA members and create a culture of continuous learning

ACHCA is uniquely positioned to lead a state of the art mentoring initiative for the profession connecting mentors and protégés across the country in this noble, professional field.  At ACHCA we recognize the value of dynamic leadership in the field of long-term health care services, and we believe it is our calling to develop and promote this skill, to enhance future leadership capacity to serve our profession.

This premier effort includes education, resources and tools to help these relationships form successful partnerships using an evidence-based approach to development and support.

ACHCA’s National Mentoring program is open to emerging leaders in long term care who are Professional ACHCA members employed in a long term care or aging services setting.



In order to participate in the mentoring program, we ask that you:

  • Mentors are a Professional or Retired member of ACHCA. To become a Professional member of ACHCA, CLICK HERE
  • Required for Mentors to be a Fellow (FACHCA) of ACHCA.  For more information about becoming a Fellow, CLICK HERE.
  • Proteges are a member of ACHCA early in their career.  Student members must be in their senior year to apply as a protege..  
  • Are willing to commit to a minimum of one hour per month to the successful development of your mentor/protégé relationship.


We are now accepting applications year round for the program. Individuals interested in applying to become a mentor or protégé should submit an application.

CLICK HERE to access the mentoring application

CLICK HERE to access the protege application

Proteges, click here to access the 2024 Convocation protege assistance form.  This must be submitted by February 17, 2024.  

Support the Mentoring Program
The quality of the care provided across the spectrum of Post-Acute Care and Aging services continues to rest on our ability to recruit and retain the very finest administrators. ACHCA's mentoring program provides a means to nurture and develop the best talent for the future of Long Term Care. In its fourth year of implementation, the program continues to grow and thrive as it is now expanding from a strictly national program to a district/chapter level focused initiative.

Mentoring Covenant Donors

Orlando Bisbano
Mardell Brandt
Kendall Brune
Dan Carr
Judith Clark
Kimberly Corrigan
Kenneth Daniel
Toni Lynn Davis
Timothy Dressman
Sharon Eyster
James Farley
Susan Farris
Steve Fromm
Richard Gamache
Bruce Glass
Mary Grondin
Michael Hotz
Phil Jean
Keith Knapp
Robert Lane
Thomas Lavallee
Matt Lessard
Brenda Marinan
Bill McGinley
Mary Helen McSweeney-Feld
Rudy Michalek
Roberto Muniz
Dr. Doug Olson
Kathleen Pajor
Theresa Parker
Kirstin Pedretti
Mark Prifogle
Blair Quasnitschka
Israel Ray
Robert Reyes
Julian Rich
Kathryn Richardson
Jose Rojas-Fernandez
Theresa Sanderson
Russell Schwartz
Daniel Shields
Larry Slatky
Timothy Sullivan
Mitchell Teller
Andrew Vogel
Dr. David Wolf

All questions may be directed to [email protected]