Be Prepared: The Administrator’s Leadership Role in Emergency Preparedness

Be Prepared!   The motto of the Boy Scouts of America has never been as true for many Nursing Home Administrators as it has during the recent events of the nursing home tragedies that have occurred in Texas and Florida during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. For many nursing home Administrators, being prepared for an emergency, or disruptive event, is the ultimate responsibility; a high priority. The CMS final rules of participation on Emergency Preparedness which takes effect on November 15, 2017 will only add another layer of regulations to an already heavily regulated environment for the Administrator.

One certainty that will face all Nursing Home Administrators (in the wake of Florida) will be that the CMS and State surveyors will be reviewing (in detail) a facility’s emergency plan, and in some cases “ripping” it to shreds.  How can Administrators be sure that the emergency plan they have will meet requirements?  Until we begin to see how deficiencies will be cited by surveyors, this question remains to be answered. Regardless of outcomes, the Administrator must have an emergency plan and documented exercises that have tested the plan.

No one emergency plan fits all facilities nor can a plan guarantee that a facility will not sustain damage or loss of life to its residents.  However, the Administrator can use the emergency plan to prepare key stakeholders such as staff, residents, and families on how to react accordingly to a disruptive event which can protect life and preserve property. Ultimately, the responsibility of emergency preparedness, and response to a disruptive event, falls squarely on the shoulders of the Administrator. The Administrator is the leader of a facility and must be capable to lead in any situation.  

View the components of an effective emergency preparedness plan, explore steps for implementation, and find out available resources that can help the Administrator craft an effective emergency plan by reading the full article

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Michael Barry - Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Thank you, Barbara

Barbara Acello - Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Thank you for sharing this excellent paper. I know it took a great deal of time and preparation to assemble and you did an awesome job! Barbara Acello

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