The Long Term Care Professional Leadership Council

The Long Term Care Professional Leadership Council (LTCPLC) was formed in 2007 to foster collaboration among the key professions that provide leadership in long term care and have a role mandated by regulation. Founding member organizations include the American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA), American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP), and National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration/Long Term Care (NADONA).  The four key groups have joined together to create opportunities for dialogue and provide guidance to the industry.

Speaking with one voice on key leadership and clinical issues, the Council’s first document – Essential Core Functions – compiles each group’s definition of its roles and responsibilities. It includes the essential core function of each professional discipline.

The Council will also issue a series of brief guidance pieces on key areas that challenge professionals in the field and are key to providing quality care. The Council believes in quality improvement through the coordinated use of consistent systems and processes of clinical care. 

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Professional and Technical Advisory Group

In response to requests from various interested groups, the LTCPLC has developed a process and guidelines for a Professional and Technical Advisory Group (PTAG).  The PTAG will serve in an advisory role to the LTCPLC steering committee and serve as an expert panel on issues being considered by the Council.  The PTAG will include professional associations, ancillary service professionals, product and service providers, and government and regulatory agencies.  Click here for guidelines on joining the PTAG.