ACHCA Committees

Sign-ups will close on 6/30/24: To sign up to volunteer for a committee, please click here to access the online committee application. You may email any questions to [email protected].

Unless noted in the description:

  • Committee appointments are for one-year terms that are renewed annually.
  • The ACHCA Board Chair appoints Committee Chairs.

Finance Committee

Purpose: The Finance Committee is charged with assuring fiscal responsibility, review of financial information, oversight of investments, and assisting staff with budget preparation for ACHCA. The Finance committee meets monthly.

Bylaws Committee

Terms: The Bylaws Committee Chair and members are appointed by the Chair of the Board with Board Approval for two-year, staggered, one-time renewable terms.

Purpose: Ensures that the Bylaws for ACHCA and the chapters are current, in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and reflect sound organizational and board governance principles. The Bylaws Committee also provides guidance in the development of organizational documents that support legal, financial, and regulatory compliance.

The Academy of Long-Term Care Leadership Committee

Purpose: The Academy has the responsibility to build recognition, generate resources, and provide support for the professional enhancement activities including Education, Leadership Development, and Research.

Member Experience Committee 

Purpose: This Committee meets to provide guidance and input on maintaining and improving the quality of the ACHCA Member Experience. 

The Awards Committee

Terms: The Awards Committee Chair is appointed for a two-year term by the Board Chair. Members of the Committee are encouraged to serve for a two-year term to ensure consistency. Past Awards recipients are eligible (and encouraged!) to serve.  

Purpose: The Awards Committee ensures that all ACHCA awards have objective eligibility criteria and have a fair and credible selection process. It provides recommendations to the National Conference Planning Committee to ensure the ceremonial aspects of conferring awards, recognition, and scholarships are meaningful and provide recognition and esteem. The Committee works with National and ACHCA chapters/districts to identify (or ensure the identification of) multiple qualified candidates for each category of awards, recognition, and scholarships.

Education Committee

Purpose: The Education Committee identifies areas of leadership interest for programming; reviews proposals to develop educational offerings including ACHCA Marketplace and Annual Convocation; ensures educational program eligibility and credibility for the continuing education approval by accreditation bodies such as NAB and The Florida Board of Nursing. It also participates in the design, implementation, and review of ACHCA provided distance learning programs including webinars and partnership offerings; and ensures programmatic relevance by reviewing learner needs assessments, program evaluations, and speaker effectiveness.

The Student Poster Committee

Purpose: This Committee coordinates the student poster session at the Annual Convocation including session applications, processes for vetting posters, and communication plans.


Mentoring Committee

Purpose: The Mentoring Committee provides professional leadership development opportunities to health care administrators by connecting mentors and protégés across the country; promotes excellence in leadership among long-term care administrators; develops and promotes natural leadership skill, which is paramount to enhancing future leadership capacity to serve the long-term care service field; utilizes education, resources, and tools to help mentors and protégés to form successful partnerships using an evidence-based approach to development and support; develops products and deliverables to support the program; monitors the utilization of grant resources for the achievement of desired goals and outcomes; and secures additional funding and revenue in collaboration with the ACHCA Academy to ensure long-term sustainability of the program.

Certification Committee

Purpose:  The Certification Committee ensures the credibility and validity of the Professional Certifications offered by ACHCA (Certified Nursing Home Administrator and Certified Assisted Living Administrator). 


National Conference Planning Committee

Purpose: The NCPC  reports to the  CEO  and is comprised of key committee/subcommittee chairs and other committee chairs as needed, a board liaison, and staff liaisons with responsibilities related to the conduct of successful educational conferences. It is advisory to  ACHCA staff and the contracted meeting planner. Work  Groups may be appointed as necessary by the  NCPC  Chair to address specific conference planning activities.

Fellow Advancement Committee

Purpose: The Fellow Advancement Committee reviews applications submitted for the Advancement of Fellow.  The Committee determines if the applicant meets all of the eligibility requirements needed to advance to Fellow.  The Committee has the final determination if the applicant is approved or denied the FACHCA status.  Volunteers willing to serve on the Fellow Advancement Committee must hold an active Fellow status for at least two years.  

Business Advisory Committee

Purpose: This Committee meets to provide guidance and input on maintaining and improving the quality of the vendor experience.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee

Purpose: This Committee aims to create a culture of inclusive leadership in the long-term care industry that supports the goals and development of the diversity of the people we care for and the staff who care for them.