The ACHCA Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the American College of Health Care Administrators over an extended period or have provided a unique and lasting contribution to the College. 

ACHCA announces its 2024 class of Hall of Fame inductees.


2020 Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductees



Rev. Daniel W. Farley, Retired Emeritus Certified, Fellow Emeritus





Mark J. Finkelstein, CNHA, Fellow Emeritus





Larry I. Slatky, CNHA, FACHCA





James L. Farley, Retired Emeritus Certified, Fellow Emeritus



Founding members of ACHCA, Theodore E. Hawkins, Alton E. Barlow, Rev. Carl A. Becker, and Kenneth R. Nelson, Jr., were posthumously recognized for their leadership and vision within a professional community that supports the Administrator.

Hall of Fame recipients were inducted into the ACHCA Hall of Fame at the Awards Dinner on March 23rd at the ACHCA Annual Convocation & Exposition in New Orleans, Louisiana.

2023 Hall of Fame Recipients

Dr. Keith Knapp, CNHA, FACHA, Molly Savard, CNHA, FACHCA, and Robert Siebel, CNHA, FACHCA
inducted at the Annual Convocation & Exposition in Baltimore, Maryland

Pillars of the College History

  • Louise Broderick
  • Steve Esdale
  • Phil McConnell
  • Mardell Brandt

*Honoring College members who are no longer with us but deserve recognition. 

Eligibility for the Hall of Fame

  • Candidates must have been a member of the College for 15 years.  Some early members (1960s) may not meet the tenure requirement and may be considered without meeting this requirement.
  • Candidates must have attained the status of Fellow.
  • Candidates must have served ACHCA in leadership roles and contributed to the College's success in various ways.


Elected members of the Hall of Fame are recognized at the ACHCA Annual Convocation. A permanent plaque with the names of the elected members to the Hall of Fame will be maintained and exhibited at the annual Convocation. 

It’s an honor to induct individuals who exhibit a high level of excellence and have made significant contributions to our profession into the ACHCA Hall of Fame. — Robert W. Lane, CNHA, FACHCA, ACHCA Past President & CEO