ACHCA 2017 Election Launches Sunday, January 29!

2017 ACHCA Election is open Sunday, January 29 – Saturday, February 18.

Voting Members will receive an email with instructions on using the online ballot.

Members who do not have an email on file were mailed information on requesting a paper ballot or receiving information to vote online.

All votes must be cast by midnight Eastern time on Saturday, February 18.

For questions on casting your vote, please contact Cecilia Sepp, President & CEO via email:

Candidates for Nominating Committee: 3 open positions – 3 candidates

Please vote for up to 3 candidates.

Toni Davis, CNHA, FACHCA
I have been a member of the College for a long time and involved in the state chapter and briefly served on the national board. I would like to help the college get the best candidates.
Keith Knapp, CNHA, FACHCA
Having served in leadership roles over the past 2 decades in our professional society, trade association, licensing board and NAB, I believe I can apply my own experience in effectively evaluating & vetting candidates for positions of leadership in ACHCA.



 Tony Restaino, CNHA, FACHCA
I have held leadership positions in ACHCA on both the National and Chapter level, including New York Chapter President, Director. Through this experience, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge in the functions of Boards and Committees. In my seven years on the National Board, I have worked with many fine people with different strengths and weaknesses. A successful Board of Directors should be comprised of individuals with different, sometimes opposing, points of view. I feel that I can identify and support any candidate for who can elevate ACHCA.

Candidates for District Director Positions

Please vote for 1 candidate. 

District 1 (unopposed) – only members located in District 1 may vote on this ballot question. 
District 1 represents members in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, 
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Matt Lessard, CNHA, FACHCA
I have served as the District One Director for the past year and would like to continue to serve the New England membership. Having more than 13 years’ experience as a nursing home and residential care administrator, I bring knowledge of the industry and profession to this role. I have served four years on the ACHCA Education Committee, three as chair of that committee, which gives me a unique perspective into the operations of ACHCA as well as how education serves our members both on a national level and in the various chapters. It also enabled me to remain on the cutting edge of educational resources available to our profession. I have attained Certification as a Nursing Home Administrator and am a Fellow of ACHCA. My ability to think globally and strategically enable me to work collaboratively with other board members, a skill I have developed through my work on the board of Family Hope, a Maine based non-profit organization for which I serve as Treasurer. I have served our profession as a national speaker and presenter, as well as introduced numerous presenters at ACHCA conferences. I look forward to continuing the work to develop and strengthen the New England Chapters and work to continue building our connection through the New England Alliance through participation in programming and events. I continue to work to strengthen chapters through ongoing support, and increase membership through activity and event growth as a new generation of administrators develop the future of our profession.
District 2 (unopposed) – only members located in District 2 may vote on this ballot question. 
District 2 represents members in the following states: New Jersey, New York

Katie Richardson, FACHCA
I have been proudly been involved with ACHCA on the State and National level for over 10 years. Prior to joining the National Board, I was involved in Chapter Leadership in New Jersey and my dedication and passion for the college and our industry lead me to the National Board. As the current District 2 Director (NJ/NY), I have seen the exciting changes going on with ACHCA, the leadership and its direction moving forward in promoting our profession and keeping our members interests at its forefront. As an Administrator, I spend each day striving to ensure the highest quality of care and life is provided to all those residents whom we serve on a daily basis and I believe that ACHCA members have the same goal. ACHCA is committed to being a “catalyst for excellence in post acute and aging services leadership” and I am dedicated to ensuring that we not only maintain but enhance this commitment. I will continue to represent District 2, its members’ views and ensure that your voices are being represented at the national level.


Candidates for At Large Director: 2 open positions – 4 candidates

Please vote for up to 2 candidates.

Since becoming a member of ACHCA nearly 17 years ago, my involvement on both the national and chapter level has influenced my career path immensely – personally and professionally.  Just as the profession and industry has evolved significantly and continues to change at a rapid pace, however, so have the needs of our members and our profession, which is why ACHCA serves such an important role in the post-acute continuum. Over the past several years, I have been privileged to serve as the District 1 Director and Maine Chapter President, in addition to the ACHCA representative to the Advancing Excellence in Long-Term Care Collaborative and National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB).  In my current role as Director-at-large and Board liaison to the Professional Advancement Committee, as well as Vice Chair to the NAB nursing home exam committee, I have seen the College adopt a new vision, strategic plan, and milestones.  Having been part of the College when the future was at risk, I’m particularly excited about the journey that lies ahead as we embark on new and exciting initiatives and projects under current leadership.  My goals and hopes for ACHCA remain relatively the same from many years ago – build membership, develop brand loyalty, identify new opportunities to align ACHCA with national partners, serve as a resource for best practices, enhance leadership development and advance the professional certification credential.  I look forward to the opportunity to represent ACHCA members for another term and appreciate your support of my candidacy.
Blair Quasnitchka, FACHCA
I am constantly asked "why join ACHCA?" - and we are supposed to have some epiphany-like answer. Simply, I want to do my part to support the national/local organization that represents my distinguished profession. I believe in the plight of our position and industry and I want to put myself in a position to lead and assist others. My focus has been developing plans that have increased membership and financial success to the Chapter and want to expand on these Nationally and see where we can align with other healthcare entities to stay viable and progressive.
Mitch Teller, FACHCA
In 1985, I was a newly licensed Administrator and I was meeting with a colleague/mentor to discuss my future in long term care. One of the first things he advised me to do was join ACHCA. He told me that being a member of ACHCA, the only professional organization for Long Term Care Administrators, was an important step in my professional growth. I took his advice and joined that day. Throughout my 35 years in long term care administration, I have had the privilege to work with and learn from some of the most intelligent, dedicated, and caring individuals because of ACHCA. I have been inspired and driven to be a strong effective leader. I bring those skills to work every day, with the intent of motivating and ensuring that my staff provide the best quality of care to our residents and family members. I have served as the President of the New York Chapter ACHCA, as well as other leadership roles locally. It was and continues to be professionally rewarding to have the honor to serve our Chapter and members. I wish to continue to serve as a Board member because I want to ensure that the opportunities I had are available to all long term care administrators, and most importantly, to our newly licensed leaders of our future. Through my involvement and input on the board, I want to work to develop new and innovative professional growth opportunities for our members to position them for success.
Bill Watson, FACHCA
My career has spanned 35 years. I first joined ACNHA in 1982. I realized then as now we need a voice – I am willing to be that voice. I have spent a significant amount of time on Boards of Directors for FP/NFP/Gov’t org’s, professional associations, as well as serving the State of Indiana as the only fully credentialed member of the Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators for 13 years. I became a member of ACHCA’s national mentoring committee 3 years ago and have previously served as an item writer for the CNHA examination. I participated in the resuscitation of Indiana Chapter, being one of its past presidents. I would be humbled and thankful for your vote to represent your professional interests as member at large of the National Board of Directors of the American College of Heath Care Administrators. Thank you for the opportunity to once again be of service.