Education Program

Keynote Presentation

Dennis McIntee will present From Drama Team To Dream Team

Dennis McIntee, The Drama Free Guy, is a change management consultant who loves training and speaking, and travels extensively working with leaders to uncover their personal and organizational constraints to building high-trust, high- performance cultures.  In 2004 he formed The Leadership Development Group to help leaders win at the game of work and the business of life.  His interactive keynote presentations and workshops empower teams to focus on what is truly important by creating ownership, and teaching individuals to get to the root of business problems quickly and solve issues faster.  Dennis has worked with more than 30 industries, with a heart for healthcare in all areas including skilled nursing, long-term care, acute care hospitals and medical practices.

You can create a high-trust, high-performance team that gets results!   And you can do it without putting in more hours and working harder. Creating an ownership culture that is free of the drama of victim thinking and blame assigning, helps leaders leverage their organization’s most valuable asset: Their Team Members. This interactive workshop will give you the practical skills you can use today to eliminate all the excuses not only from your team, but every relationship.  Because you always produce who you are, the best way to coach the drama out of your team is to become a dream coach.   Not a drama coach! Great coaches and leaders are not born, they are developed. They've learned the tools that draw out the best in their people. You can learn these secrets too. It's not as hard as you think.

  1.    Master the two trust building skills needed to create buy-in with your  team.
  2.   Understand how to emotionally detach from issues to quickly facilitate change.
  3.   Master the art of coaching through the GPS Coaching Methodology.

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