ACHCA is pleased to announce the Keynote speaker for Convocation 2017.

Robert P. (Bob) Schoultz will present Building a High Performance organization -  Lesson’s from the US Navy SEALs

After Bob Schoultz graduated from Stanford University in 1974, he served as SEAL officer for the next 30 years, with numerous extended tours overseas in a wide variety of commands,  to include commanding the organization responsible for all of the East Coast SEAL Teams.  His last assignment in the Navy was as the Director of Leader and Character Development at the US Naval Academy, after which he retired from the Navy to become the Director of the Master of Science in Global Leadership  at the University of San Diego.   He is currently a speaker, consultant and coach for Fifth Factor Leadership.   He and his wife of 36 years Mary Anne, have 3 grown children:  Their oldest is an officer in an East Coast SEAL Team, their second son is a musician in New York City, and their daughter is an instructor with the National Outdoor Leadership School.

How have the Navy SEALs and other elite commando units been so successful in recent years fighting terrorists in the most intense environments?  What can those who lead organizations in less intense environments learn from  the cultures of elite commandos that can help make their organizations more focused, agile, and successful?   In this presentation, Bob Schoultz breaks down what the cultures of the Navy SEALs and other elite commando units share with other great organizations and businesses.  What  do great organizations do to build a culture that yields sustained success, and makes them truly different from less-than-great organizations?    Bob Schoultz argues when leaders focus on creating and sustaining a great and winning culture, they positively transform their organization.  It takes time, patience, vision, and insight.  Bob's presentation looks at the components of great organizational cultures, and based on his experience with Navy SEALs and the business sector, and he offers steps for transforming your team from less than it could be, to an elite high-performance culture that others will seek to emulate.

1.  After completing this session, participants should be able to compare their own team and organization against standards that have worked for great organizations in business and the military.
2.   After completing this session, participants should be able to consider their organization's culture and better evaluate leadership options for creating a great culture -to include greater employee empowerment and engagement.
3.     After completing this session, participants should be able to better understand the pitfalls that high performance cultures face, and how insightful leaders  can short circuit tendencies toward entropy and stagnation that all organizations face.  Getting the energy up is difficult, keeping the energy flowing can be even more challenging.