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Pre-Conference Program
ACHCA Pre-Conference 2019
Monday, March 18, 2019

100. Creating a Culture of Retention: Getting to the Roots of the Workforce Shortage
201. Taking Control of the Medicaid Eligibility Process: Strategies to Help Ensure Success
202. AIT/Preceptor Program: Why a practicing administrator should become an AIT/Preceptor
203. Five-Star Leadership
204. Strategies for Advancing a Results Oriented Digital Marketing Program
205. Navigating Transition Fog with Clarity and Confidence (No bourbon necessary) and Handout
300. Workplace Culture: What it Is and Why it Matters
401. PDPM: Threat or Opportunity? Successful Leadership for a New Reimbursement World
402. Managing the Risks while Honoring Residents' Person-Centered Diet Choices
403. Staying Power: Grab Retention by the Reins and Handout
404. Press On: What long-term care providers should know about media and PR
405. ACHCA Professional Certification Readiness
501. Workforce Retention: The Key to Quality, Compliance, and Satisfaction
502. Pharmacogenomics and Improving Patient Care
503. ICD-10: Riding Back in the Spotlight with PDPM
504. Media Crisis Simulation & Workshop
505. Student Poster Session
TRACK. Riding the Trails to Operational Success - 2019-Payment-Data-Outcomes

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

701. Taking Your Data Quality over the Finish Line
702.Don't Blow It! Keeping your rehab vendors honest in a world of change.
703.National Dementia Care Practice Recommendations: Developing a Competent Person-Centered Care Workforce
704.The Leaders Top 10
705.Why It MATTERS: Financial Impact from Therapy Inattentive Billing and Documentation
706. ACHCA Mentoring Program
801.Activity Programming in Mental Health
802. PDPM, Quality & Value: How to Succeed in 2019 and Beyond
803. Neuroscience approach to manage "Wandering" and "Combative" behaviors of residents in Assisted Living and Memory Care
804. Seamless Transitions of Care: Strategies for Successful Outcomes
805.Planning for Successful Discharges and Transfers: Plus a walk through the F Tags and the new CMS Initiative and Focus
806. Engaging Members & Volunteers for a Successful Year (Chapter Leadership)
900. The Idea Exchange
1001. Perceptions of Quality of Life and Agreement Among Residents, Staff, and Leadership in Nursing Homes
1002. Tribal Assisted Living Strategies
1003.A Day in the Life of a Compliance Officer: Implementation of an Effective SNF Compliance Program
1004.Leveraging Big Data for Success in the Continuum
1005. Qualified Income Trusts: Rules and Remedies and Handout
1006. Building Your Yellow Brick Road: Path to LTC Leadership Excellence-Student Session


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

1201. Requirements of Participation (RoP) Phase I, II, III Overview
1202. Find a job Fridays and other recruitment ruses. How to successfully change the way you recruit and retain employees.
1203. Burnout to Balance: ReAligning Our Priorities & Values
1204. The Impact of Therapy under Payment Reform
1301. 1, 2, 3 The Final Phase is Near! Strategies for Successful Implementation of Phase 3 Requirements of Participation Handout 1 Handout 2
1302. It's Okay to be the Boss - The Fundamentals of Highly Engaged Management
1303. Workplace Violence in Healthcare
1304. From Special Focus to 5 Star
1401. VBP, QRP, RoP, OIG = OMG! Handout
1402. Healthcare Ethics As It Relates to Burnout and Quality-An Inter professional Approach
1403. Be on the Winning Side! A Strategic Approach to PDPM
1404. Navigating the CMS Requirement for Healthcare Facilities to Reduce Legionella Risk

Conference Program
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